Simple Church

Reach. Teach. Serve.

Come see!

Our desire is not to fill your schedule with lots of events to keep you busy.  Our desire is to simplify the process of making disciples and do only those things that work toward accomplishing that goal.

Our Goal

What would happen if we became a people that simply followed Jesus?  Worship together.  Do life together.  Serve the world together.  Church doesn't have to be busy or complicated.  It's simply about Jesus.  Come and see for yourself!


  • Worship Gatherings
  • Youth Worship
  • Youth Small Groups
  • Adult Small Groups
  • Service Teams

Reach. Teach. Serve.

We desire to reach people with the good news of Jesus, teach them what it means to follow Him, and give them opportunities to serve the world in order to reach more people that will then do the same.

Simple Church Oxford